This organization is dedication to the mental, physical , spiritual, and financial wellness and wealth of the black woman. This space is not to exclude from any other groups of women but to uplift a group of women that are put down too often and have to constantly prove their worth. 

Throughout this organization we will work on 3 main things:

Finding self love and getting ourselves into positive self talk until anything not positive seems unnatural and foreign. 

Building confidence until nothing can shake you from your goals and focus on your journey. 

Growing businesses, although everyone my not want to be an entrepreneur, any career path you have we want to help you excel in. Set yourself up financially to not be rich but wealthy. 

This is a safe space for black women to become even more magical , by finding our magic. We will have meet ups and travel together on mental retreats. This is a positive only zone. Does not mean we cannot have real conversations and discussions, it mean we are open to hearing different opinions and experiences to understand each other even more so that we can uplift one another.